tailor made for shaping bodies

image by Klaas Verdru, courtesy of Delaeredecor

The new Van de Velde Research and Development facility was festively inaugurated last week, with a fashion show that celebrate 100 years of lingerie manufacturing on the spot where it all began.

Van de Velde, a Belgian family business with a long history and a leading manufacturer of lingerie, is ‘celebrating curves’. On their website, they state that

“When your lingerie fits perfectly and makes you look your best you’ll feel good about yourself, whatever your outfit. And that’s only possible when your bra is tailored to your figure and the effect you want to achieve.”

We like to think that the same is true for the buildings eld designs, and that the new Van de Velde Headquarters helps them achieve their maximum potential.

The ‘prima donna’ of Schellebelle as the new HQ can be called, was delivered at the end of 2016.