From paper factory to Kanaelzicht Willebroek

This project transforms the old industrial site De Naeyer in Willebroek into a residential development with a total of 140 units.

The site’s location is unique: located alongside the canal,  the former paper factory is also close to all major roads. Some of the authentic industrial buildings and the monumental crane are characteristic references to its past.

Phase one (currently completed) comprises of 74 apartments in 3 new buildings located between the river and a residential garden.  Underneath this green oasis, an underground parking provides space for 140 cars. Commercial activities will be located at ground floor level towards the square on the main road.

The buildings have a strong extroverted character. A lot of attention has been paid to the appearance of the facades, the volumes and the interior layout. Large terraces and windows provide a beautiful view and contribute to maximise the natural light supply.
The elevated green inner zone is designed as a common open space, accessible to all residents. The buildings’ orientation enhances the privacy of this green and intimate oasis, but at the same time keeps an open relationship with the surrounding environment.

Phase two is currently under construction, phase three is in design stage.

This residential development project was initially designed by Inarco, after which eld continued execution design.
eld also acts as structural and mep engineer.

Role eld
  • co-architecture
  • structural engineering
  • mep engineering
  • THV Denaeyer
Building type
Concept architect
  • Inarco architects (BE)
  • 18.500m²
  • under construction