under construction : De Nieuwe Dokken

under construction :

Nieuwe Dokken

‘De Nieuwe Dokken’ in Gent is a truly innovative sustainable neighbourhood of about 400 dwellings, a kindergarten and primary school, indoor sports infrastructure and some offices, local services and commerce.

Designed to be carbon free in its heating and production of sanitary hot water, the quarter is equipped with a district heating network of the latest generation. It is tied in by from different sources : locally produced biogas from methanizing faecal water and organic kitchen waste which are both collected by a vacuum drainage system,  by ‘riothermie’ i.e. recuperation of wastewaters’ thermal energy and excess process heath from a nearby factory.
All waste water of the neighbourhood is captured and sanitized up to the level of surface water quality, and it is supplied to the nearby factory to be used in its production processes, thus closing loops at very short distance.
These installations are installed and operated by Ducoop, a cooperative third party social impact investor.